Kung Fury is a Swedish produced shortfilm in English, directed by David Sandberg. In order to raise money for the project a Kickstarter-campaign was launched. In order to give an idea of what he wanted to do, David creater a short trailer inspired by 80s cop movies and it didn’t take long to realize he had a hit on his hands. The trailer went viral and the project quickly reached it’s funding goal and more. As soon as I saw the trailer I felt that this was the perfect movie to bring the retro-VHS-trend to Sweden. I sat down and made a fake VHS-edition based on a classic design used by Warner Brothers i the 80s and sent the finished product to the director in the mail. He liked it so much that to my surprise he asked me if I wanted to help design the real thing. I obviously said yes and a couple months later I started working together with the American based distributor Nightforce Video to creat the graphics for the first official release of the film (worldwide). The whole thing resulted in a very limited VHS edition of only 175 copies featuring the following:

– 1x VHS with clamshell case
– A doublesided insert featuring one cover designed by Nightforce and one cover designed by myself.
– A miniature poster featuring original graphics by me.

As an added bonus to those who ordered the VHS as part of the Kickstarter-campaign there was also a highly exclusive exterior cardboard box made (to go over the regular clamshell case). This comes with completely different artwork, which was also done by me. As this box was printed on demand it only excists in 26 copies and can’t be bought in stores. The regular VHS release can be ordered directly from Nightforce web store as long as stock lasts.

VHS Cover clam_layout_city_final kungfuryposter_countach Miniature Poster